View anim in engine

This will be a much more comprehensive explanation soon, however, to get those of you eager to get started in unreal or unity, heres a crash course in how to do that:



In unreal you have to have 2 separate files to view your animation. A rig file in t-pose and then the animation fbx itself.

  1. Open unreal and select blank project.
  2. Drag your rig (t-pose) into the content directory.
  3. Drag your animation into the content directory.
  4. Place your animation onto the stage. You can view the animation this way or use the animation on any compatible skeleton.


  1. Open Unity and select blank project (I usually have a sandbox)
  2. Drag your animation into the assets directory. Depending on how you exported it you may not require a t-pose base rig.
  3. Right-click in the assets directory and create a new “animation controller”.
  4. Name your anim controller something like “playerAnim.anim” or something so that you know which anim it is.
  5. Expand the character hierarchy by clicking the “>” arrow on its icon. You should see one that is called anim.
  6. Double click the animation controller, drag in the animation and link it up however you want. (this will require its own tutorial for more complicated animations)
  7. Click on the character and in the inspector drag the animation controller to the animation driver box.
  8. You can now view this when you run your scene.