I am Adam “AJ” Gillespie. I’m a gamer and movie goer with a passion for games, visual effects, code and most of all, animation. I am highly adaptable, friendly and positive.

With 10 years experience in games and vfx as an animator, the last 5 years I have worked primarily in R&D and previz departments specializing in creating assets, tools and animation for use in game engines such as Unreal and Unity. Essentially, this means occasionally wearing many hats and optimizing my time and workflow to create the highest quality with the most efficiency to be exported to FBX in my rigs and anim on a deadline.

In my off-time I study to hone my craft and work with a team of friends to make indie-games, the most recent of which being “Mike Dies”, which will be released on steam shortly as a finished project.

I hope this gives a little insight to who I am as a person and co-worker! Thank you!